Stay ahead of
mother nature

Forecast your next outdoor adventure


  • - Current Forecast

    Follow the latest weather forecast and projections for the hour in your local area along with advisories.

  • - 12 HR / Weekly Forecast

    Review easy to read charts and graphs to see how conditions will change by the hour or week ahead.

  • - Live Radar

    View live animated radar images to track storms as they progress.


  • - Buoy Stations

    View all of the buoy stations near you and save your favorites and keep track of the conditions near them.

  • - Tide Stations

    Pick from from all of the tide stations in your area and save your favorites for future use.

  • - Observation Stations

    Track the latest weather info from the observation stations near you and save your favorite stations.


  • - Interactive Map Grid

    Select and read the current marine forecasts for your favorite coastal and inshore areas using our interactive map.

  • - Daily Forecasts and Advisories

    View easy to read breakdowns of the forecast for each day and warnings as they are reported.


  • - Waypoints

    Save all of your favorite locations and track the weather forecasts in those areas.

  • - Favorite Buoy, Tide & Observation Stations

    Save and track all of your favorite stations and follow the weather conditions.


Building A Weather App In Go

Processing images is an intense piece of work. Sometimes it takes 3 seconds to clean a single image. With 155 radar stations that need to be processed every 5 minutes, it took us several refactors to get things working well...



What's New in Version 1.5

We have added some of the new enhancements and bug fixes below:

  • Weather - Show time lapse on radar.
  • Weather Locations - Added Ability to create Waypoints on a map and get the weather for it.
  • Maps - Improved Map Markers.
  • Buoys - Fixed issue with decimal points in read outs.
  • Marine - New offshore forecast zones.
  • Marine - Extended forecast zones map.
  • Marine - Fixed issue with marine forecast being truncated.
  • Observation Stations - Added new section in app to allow the view and reading of NOAA Observation stations.
  • Favorites Section - Added new section to allow quick and easy access to allow of your favorites.
  • FAQ Section - Added new section that shows some of the most common questions submitted to support.
  • Misc. bug fixes.