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Building A Weather App In Go

Processing images is an intense piece of work. Sometimes it takes 3 seconds to clean a single image. With 155 radar stations that need to be processed every 5 minutes, it took us several refactors to get things working well...



Get the current weather conditions for the hour or the week. Review easy to read charts and graphs to see how conditions will change. View live animated radar images to track storms as they are moving.


Going out on the water? Get the latest information on your favorite buoy and tide stations. Know the conditions before you head out. Find stations on our interactive map or select from a list of stations near you. Save your favorite ones for quick access.

Marine Forecasting

Select and read the current marine forecasts for your favorite coastal and inshore areas using our interactive map. View easy to read breakdowns of the forecast for each day and warnings as they are reported.


The goal of OutCast is to provide people who love the outdoors the ability to get ahead of mother nature. By analyzing outdoor condition data with user preferences and experiences, the application will deliver relevant information and forecasting. In the future, users will interact with the forecasting by providing an experience review after their outdoor activities have ended. OutCast with future implementations of additional features to help you get ahead of nature.